Thursday, January 17, 2008

Musical Memories

A plea via email for a memory of a song ...

I am absolutely going mental trying to find out the name of a song and hopefully the artist, and I reckon my best chance is in asking you. I may not have the first part of my lyrics correct but I'm positive many of you will know the song as it was played frequently on the radio at its height.
the most I can come up with is --- one thousand two hundred and thirty two holes are drilled into this piece of metal today.--

If anyone can come up with an answer, this person “would be over the moon”.

Migrant’s musical memories

When I was gathering comment for the 30th anniversary (in 1993) of John F. Kennedy’s assasination I was intrigued to find the number of English migrants that we had listening to Today FM. Today (as in 'now a days') of course we know also have a good sprinkling of migrants from South Africa / Rhodesia/Zimbabwe and this influences the listening memories that people here have. From Tarankai, Kath Copeland was asking for “Three Wheels On My Wagon”. A song that Kath had not heard since leaving England 40 years ago. When I couldn’t find The New Christy Minstrels song in the British Top 40, Kath explained that it was very popular in the mid '60s in Britain - meaning it was often played on Radio Luxembourg which was the only station available that played modern songs.

One Broken Heart For Sale

Is one of a number of Elvis songs recommended by music researcher Mark for regular play as it was a Monster Hit in N.Z. and not played on Commercial Radio these days. Co-written by Otis Blackwell, it was another song from another Elvis film - 'It Happened at the World Fair' and considered by Tim Rice and his co-authors (in the Guiness Book of Number Ones); as one his worst records at the time. "It would not have sold more than ten copies if it did not have the magic Presley name on the label". Released before Devil In Disguise" it went on, through aggregate world sales to become his 45th million-seller.