Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ray’s Song Pick of the Day from Monday 23 March 2009

Tease for Monday 23 March 2008
Tonight, a UK#1(3) from 16 March 1974, and NZ#3 from April that year. Like other UK artists (Mary Hopkin and Peters & Lee) who appeared on the TV talent show 'Opportunity Knocks', our group got to the top of the charts with their very first hit. The quintet formed in 1969, based in the lace making city of Nottingham. This song was out charted in the US by a cover version but the group got their revenge with their next hit, making to the top of the US, and NZ but only UK#3 in May.

Tease for Tuesday 24 March 2008
Tonight a US#1, 18 March 1972, UK#10 and NZ#10 in 1972. A Canadian born singer/songwriter who travelled around Canada and the border as a solo folksinger. He formed this group in 1966 and when that dissolved in 1968, he resumed performing as a solo singer/guitarist at small US clubs. He was invited to join this trio, joining an ex band colleague, and their combined efforts generated tremendous success with one of the major albums of 1970. Our feature artist continued his solo career and this single from his album also sold a million.

Tease for Wednesday 25 March 2008
US#1(2) from 20 March & UK#1(4) from 1 June 1961 and 15th Top No 1 of 1961 in the US and had a reputed global sale of 5 million. This was another successful adaption of an old Italian song "Torna A Sorrento" - 'Return To Sorrento' from 1911 and this song was #1 in its first week in Britain MONSTER HIT in N.Z.

Tease for Thursday 26 March 2008
Tonight’s group spent 141 weeks on the UK charts between 1965 and 1969 but this song was their only UK#1(1), 20 March and Monster Hit in NZ#1(4) from 25 April 1968. The Leader died 9 January 2009. He had been a police cadet with the Wiltshire Constabulary and as such was one of the first on the scene of the car crash that resulted in the death of Eddie Cochran and serious injury of Gene Vincent.
He became a professional musician in 1962. His first group toured the UK and Germany and were a support act to The Honeycombs. They then changed their name to what we know with their hits from the mid to late sixties.

Tease for Friday 27 March 2008
NZ#1(2) from 21 March 1968 for a guy born to Polish parents on April 22 1945, in a Nazi concentration camp just outside Dusseldorf. He and his mother survived and emigrated to New Zealand in 1949, settling in Palmerston North.
From weekend gigs in Palmerston North and Hawkes Bay, to Auckland to promote his first record, to a regular spot on National TV, he became an overnight megastar. In terms of audience hysteria, our artist's popularity remains second only to Johnny Devlin. Unlike Devlin, however, he was strictly middle of the road, and his success was somewhat manufactured. He was New Zealand's first television pop idol. His ensuing female adoration was due almost entirely to the invaluable exposure he received on "C'Mon".
Tonight’s song was his 3rd and final #1 hit in N.Z.

And the songs;
Monday, Paper Lace – Billy Don’t Be A Hero
Tuesday, Neil Young – Heart Of Gold
Wednesday, Elvis Presley – Surrender
Thursday, Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich – Legend Of Xanadu
Friday, Mr. Lee Grant – Why Or Where Or When

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ray’s Song Pick of the Day from Monday 16 March 2009

Tease for Monday 16 March 2008
This instrumental group’s 3rd #1 was their 2nd written by Jerry Lordan - who also wrote their 1st hit. Combined sales from Britain, Europe and the Commonwealth took the total to a million. UK#1(8) from 22 March 1962 and 15 weeks on the chart. MONSTER HIT in N.Z.

Tease for Tuesday 17 March 2008
Tonight a movie title song, written by two of the group while on tour of Britain. According to The Guiness Book of No 1 Hits, the idea came to them while they were rehearsing in the orchestra pit at an empty theatre. UK#1(2) from 14 March and another week, 4 April 1963 and Monster Hit in N.Z.

Tease for Wednesday 18 March 2008
The second consecutive #1, for this member of the band, as writer. His co-written other hit made the top for two weeks, to be replaced by this track for one week and then back to the ‘other hit’ 4 April. UK#1(1) 29 March 1963 and a Monster Hit in N.Z.

Tease for Thursday 19 March 2008
Tonight, a US#1(4) from 15 March and UK#1, 4 June 1969 - Monster Hit in N.Z. Written by the artist with F. Weller and released in December 1968 and had sold two million by mid-April 1969. Described as ‘an easy riding, medium-paced pop dance disc with soft sound and violins.’

Tease for Friday 20 March 2008
Tonight a US#5 in 1957, 21 weeks in Top 100 from 16 March and UK#17 in 1957. This artist’s 8th million-seller and a HUGE HIT in N.Z.

And the songs;
Monday, The Shadows – Wonderful Land
Tuesday, Cliff Richard & The Shadows – Summer Holiday
Wednesday, The Shadows – Foot Tapper
Thursday, Tommy Roe – Dizzy
Friday, Pat Boone – Why, Baby Why

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ray’s Song Pick of the Day from Monday 9 March 2009

Tease for Monday 9 March 2008
Tonight a US#2(3) from 8 March 1969 and a Monster Hit in N.Z. for a quartet that was formed around 1959 when the members were 13 year old school boys in suburban El Cerrito, California. Their lead singer was keen on Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley records and the group called themselves The Blue Velvets and then The Golliwogs, performing in teenage clubs. After a stint in the US Army for the lead singer they practiced together more seriously and were ready for change of direction with their new name, going from only $30.00 a night in 1968 to pulling $30,000 a night in 1969 after this song’s success.

Tease for Tuesday 10 March 2008
Tonight a US#1, 8 March 1975, a quick million seller and a personal triumph for her producer John Farrar and NZ#9, charting from April 1975. The title cut from her new album that was described as “A fine mixture of country, soft rock and easy-listening cuts specially selected by this ‘new superstar’, with appeal to her fans in all three areas.”

Tease for Wednesday11 March 2008
US#4 in 1957, 25 weeks in Top 100 from 9 March, a R&B#1 and this artist’s 18th million seller, with another of his compositions done with Dave Bartholomew. HUGE HIT in N.Z.

Tease for Thursday 12 March 2008
Tonight a UK#1, 10 March 1960. This artist's 2nd consecutive UK#1 and produced by the same songwriter production team and using the same formula of pizzicato strings and hiccuping delivery of lovelorn lyrics.

Tease for Friday 13 March 2008
Tonight a US#1(2) from 13 March 1965 Monster Hit in N.Z. One of four million selling singles released by this group in 1965 - backed with I Don't Want To Spoil The Party.

And the songs;
Monday, Creedence Clearwater Revival – Proud Mary
Tuesday, Olivia Newton-John – Have You Ever Been Mellow?
Wednesday, Fats Domino – I’m Walkin’
Thursday, Adam Faith – Poor Me
Friday, The Beatles - Eight Days A Week

Ray’s Song Pick of the Day from Monday 2 March 2009

Tease for Monday 2 March 2008
Tonight the first Sun record to be released here, a US#2(4) with 21 weeks in the Top 100 from 3 March 1956, a US Country #1(3 weeks) and this artist’s only million-seller, which he composed in 1955. It was written on a potato sack on a Jackson housing project and sold 2 million altogether. For our artist the song, became a Grammy Hall of Fame Award winner in 1986.

Tease for Tuesday 3 March 2008
US#1(5) from 5 March 1966 and a Monster Hit in N.Z. (NZ#7)
Inspired by Robin Moore's book about a US Special Forces Unit, the song was written by the author, with music by the singer who had qualified for his ‘badge’ as a combat medic.

Tease for Wednesday 4 March 2008
Tonight a Au#1(5) from 5 March and NZ#1(1), 6 March 1969. US re-release in 1976 had "Julia" as the B-side. Australian 1969 release listed as a double-sided No 1

Tease for Thursday 5 March 2008
Tonight a UK#1(2) from 6 March 1975. It was primarily on the back of the popularity of the TV Series Kojak, that the lead actor had his only UK#1.

Tease for Friday 6 March 2008
Lerner and Loewe set out to write hit musicals, not hit singles, yet they managed two No 1s in the UK with this one, a UK#1(3) from 7 March 1970 and earlier with Vic Damone – On the Street Where You Live, from ‘My Fair Lady’

And the songs;
Monday, Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes
Tuesday, SSgt Barry Sadler – The Ballad Of The Green Berets
Wednesday, The Beatles – Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
Thursday, Telly Savalas – If
Friday, Lee Marvin – Wand’rin’ Star