Saturday, March 20, 2010

Music you can discover from a social networking page

Stephen Manktelow, on Face Book commented; "Funny how music can make you feel better ehen you're feeling a bit low. Jay Epae from Hawaii with Putti putti (1961). The only hit on the Swedish top list with Hawaiian lyrics!!!" and included the You Tube link

This prompted me to do a Google search and was surprised to find he was a Kiwi artist and the guy who wrote one of Maria Dallas' big hits.

Played the song on Coast Sunday 21 March and got a call from Alan of Northland who told me Jay Epae was originally from Matauri Bay in Northland and "was pretty good on the Taranaki circuit" when the province was on a roll with rugby's Ranfurly Shield. I'm guessing Alan was referring to when "the shield returned to the province for another 15 gripping games in 1963–65"