Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Musical memories for 30 Somethings

"musically conscious since 1988" posted our daughter on Facebook, so I responded ...

"Fits my generalised theory of around age 10 that you start noticing the music. Three biggest hits in NZ 1988, U2 - One Tree Hill and The Holiday Makers - Sweet Lovers, both 6 wks at #1 and U2 - Desire, 5 wks at NZ#1"

(Jeantine) Watching Top of the pops look back at the 80s, while I recognised earlier songs the first song I remember listening to at the time was from 88, sadly not U2, but The Only Way is Up - Yazz. Maybe it was that platnium blonde hair that did it, hard to forget!

(Ray) Only Way Is Up was NZ#1(3) from 20 Nov 1988

Viliah Overwater, also in Amsterdam posted her thoughts ...
I'm pretty sure the year was 1979 for me ... though it is hard to pick a first song.

(Ray) Too Much Heaven was big for Bee Gees in NZ at the beginning of that year - from memory (will now go check)

(Viliah) I was only 5 at the time ... I'm thinking more along the lines of Bright Eyes. My first TV memory was Hogan's Heros on colour TV in 1976!