Saturday, October 8, 2011


Tommy James & The Shondells

US#1(2) from 1 February and NZ#1(3) from 24 April 1969 Their 5th million-seller, with global sales of over 4 million - Monster Hit in NZ (from my Million-Sellers file) See also Wikipedia

Thursday 6th Oct Bill Ashworth popped up on Facebook chat ...
Hey Ray, next time you are on Coast can you find the exact album your version of Crimson and Clover by Tommy James and the Sondells is from? I bought one off i-tunes but I like the version that Coast plays

Hi Bill, the version Coast play is the long version, presumably the album version. Coast have the song on a computer hard drive, so not sure if I can check on the source. Will check one of my music books.

Pat Downey's book on Top 40 songs on CD, says 5:23 (LP) version is on K-Tel 3183 Psychedelic Mind Trip. Plus a 5:09 (LP version faded early) was on Time-Life 2CLR-04 Classic Rock - 1968.

Suggest do a Google search and see what Amazon and Last FM offer up

Bill came back with ...
Hello Ray, Thanks for the clues, the version I have is from their album Crystal Symphonies The Psychedelic Years, is extended play 5:31 but is modified from the Coasts version which I prefer.

then later Bill reported he had ...
Found it on i-tunes Pop Hits Vol 2- 5 minutes 30 secs

Pat Downey's book says that a 5:30 version was on Rhino 70534 Crimson & Clover/Cellophone Symphony. (LP version with :07 of studio talk) Pat Downey also notes there was available (a noble attempt at recreating the 45 version but unfortunately this is not the real 45 version) for example on Rhino 70630 Billboard's Top Rock & Roll Hits of 1969.

Bet you didn't realise things can be so complicated when you're trying to obtain an 'original' version of a song.