Saturday, September 27, 2008

Unforgettable Music heard overseas

Whilst overseas, the only track I recall hearing was Eddie Hodges - I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door, and that was in Germany. There were other familiar English language numbers but that is the only one I recall.

In Calgary with Wendy and Ernie, I thought we were listening to an 'oldies station' but then realised that Ernie was playing sixties CDs in the vehicle.

On one of my first bike rides when I got back we cycled up to Helensville and playing in the cafe we stopped at, was "The Girl From Inpanema". I made a comment about the song to fellow cyclist Annette and she said she did not know the song. In astonishment I said you don't know "Girl From Ipanema" from the early sixites? (1964) and Annette said she was just a baby then. Shortly after I got an email from Roberto, a Coast listener from Brazil asking for the Frank Sinatra version of The Girl From Ipanema, which was done as a duet with the co-composer Carlos Antonio Jobim. This prompted some searching on the internet about the song and I came across this story of a journalist traveling to Brazil to meet up with the girl of the song.
Another musical memory from one of my fellow cyclists on the Wednesday ride, who mentioned he was listening to me on Coast, the day before and heard a Dusty Springfield song that took him straight to a memory of visiting a 'K' Road (as Karangahape) strip joint when he was a University student and this woman was stripping to this Dusty Springfield number. I guess we each have our own specific 'song memories'.